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Why is my Volvo Windshield Washer Not Spraying Water?



Windshield washers are not often reliable. When they stop working like not spraying water, it is usually as a result of either one of these reasons; a dead pump or a clogged nozzle. The good thing is that both of these issues can be fixed even without the need of a windshield replacement. Fixing the windshield would require a 4-in1 screwdriver, an air compressor, an Impact wrench, an adjustable wrench, an air Hose, a Pin for clearing the nozzle, rags, safety glasses, socket, ratchet set, trouble light, a Volt Meter, wrench set and a Voltage tester. Apart from these tools, you will also need a dielectric silicone grease, a washer fluid and a washer pump.

Clogged Windshield Washer Nozzle

This is one of the reasons why the windshield washer might stop spraying. To fix it, a pin would be used to clear the clogged windshield. After this, an air compressor would be required to blow the debris stuck in the nozzle backward through the hose. If the pump is going without getting fluid, then it is very certain that the vehicle have a clogged windshield nozzle. Lifting the hood to trace the washer hose from the nozzle back to the reservoir will unveil the plastic barbed connector. Disconnecting the tube and applying the washer on it will do the fix. After this, if by any chance, the fluid splashes out, then it means that the nozzles are plugged.

Poor Electrical Connections And Power

Another issue that can cause the malfunctioning of the windshield washer would be either a dead fuse or a bad electrical connection. Sometimes the fuse could be in good condition and yet the pump is not working. At this point, disconnect the pump connector and check the power with a voltmeter. It should read 12 Volts with the washer switched on. On some vehicles, the washer pump is mounted inside or beside the washer fluid reservoirs. Once the wire pump connector is removed, the pump switch has to be operated by a third party while the volt is being checked with a voltmeter with a Digital Meter to the connector to ensure that it is reading 12 Volts. Another area to check could be the wiring or the washer switch. At this point, the service of a professional technician could be required.

Bad Or Damaged Washer Pump

If all other fixes fails, the only option that would be left at this point would be to replace the washer pump with a new replacement. To achieve this, draw out the old pump, fix in the new one while trying to follow he replacement manual that came with your new replacement component. It is also very advisable to check with a professional for a direct-fit. The position and location of the reservoir across different vehicles varies, for the ones outside the engine compartment, removing the retaining clips and pulling out the entire unit will make it easier to remove the washer pump. Some pumps are held in place with a rubber grommet, clamps or retaining rings.

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