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Why Is My Volvo Parking Brake Stuck?



A stuck brake pad could be a nightmare for some. It is very important that the parking brake of your vehicle is always engaged when the vehicle is parked or on Hills. This will help in protecting the vehicle’s transmission from wearing and ultimately tearing. But there comes a time when the brake pad after engaged refuses to disengage, it gets stuck. This might not really be a problem for some as the vehicle could still be driven while the brake pads are engaged though not recommended at all, as it could damage the entire brake system. Considering the different causes and culprits of this mayhem could help in diagnosing and ultimately fixing the issue.

Cold Weather Could Get The Brake Pad Stuck

It is very crucial to know that a cold weather can be the cause of the vehicle’s brake pad being stuck, though in places where the snow and weather is extremely harsh and cold outside. To fix this, one has to turn the car engine on and warm the car for a while. Warming the engine could get the ice to melt out of this place, enabling the brake pad to disengage gracefully. Another thing to try is to gently rev the vehicles engine, which would speed up the car’s heating process, thus speeding the melting process. Even though there may be some ice bergs left after a while of heating, jerking the parking brake should be able to break the remaining ice that might not have that much strength again.

Corrosion Or Rust Could Cause The Parking Brake To Get Stuck

With time the parking brake can get rusted, most especially if water or any liquid element has succeeded in getting its way into the metal area of the parking brake handle. Once this occurs, the cable that connects the parking brake has a high chance of getting stuck. This could be a tedious and challenges fix in a tight position like a garage or parking lot with lesser space and at times could need the help of a towing van to pull it out to an open area. Jerking the parking brake manually a couple of times could also help in disengaging the rusted and corroded components thus freeing the parking brake. If the rust has eaten way too much into the parking brake, there is high tendency that you might have to replace it

Parking Brake Engaged Too Hard Or Left For Too Long

If you are in a bad mood when trying to engage the parking brake, there is a high chances of engaging it with force which will definitely get it stuck. Trying to disengage it with the same energy or force will only cause more harm than good like getting the brake shoes stuck on the wall of the wheel drum or even stretch out the cable that connects the brake handle to the wheels. Try jerking the parking brake cautiously for a moment, swinging it up and down. If this doesn’t seem to work, it would be wise to get a technician Involved at that point.

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