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Why Doesn’t My Volvo Turn Signal Work?



Figuring out turn signal problems can be a confusing task, especially when system shares wires and connections with the warning, parking and braking systems. It takes time to figure out what the problem is. There could be a problem in different parts of the signal like connectors, fuses, wires, flasher units, bulb, etc .When dealing with any vehicle’s electrical circuit; it’s good to have the repair manual of the particular vehicle. It make it easier to access, troubleshoot, replace component and understand how the wires and other related component are connected. Always follow the instruction and warning in the repair manual for your model to prevent an accident. Below are reasons that may cause the turn signal to stop working. Looking at a couple of reasons that can cause this, fixing the issue becomes much easier.

Either Turn Signals Isn’t Working

This is one of the most common problems in turn signal systems. While troubleshooting this, it’s required to first check the bulb. Ensure that the both filament are in good condition and the glass is not darkened. Examine the bulb socket for corrosion. Also check the power connection and socket ground if necessary.

Turn Signal from One Side Not Working Properly

If the left or right-side of the signal doesn’t work, check if the dash indicator lamps is illuminating brightly. To troubleshoot this first check the bulbs  to see if they are still good and properly placed. Then check the sockets for damages or wear, confirm the power connections if they are working properly. Finally find out the part of the switch that operate that side of the turn signal using digital millimetre or a test light.

Turn Light Refuse To Turn Off

The reasons for this might be either the cam/clock spring is broken or the cancelling finger inside the switch is broken. If this happens, the cam or assembly need to be replaced depending on your specific model. Most times, solving this problem is very easy. Besides, the car owner should follow the manual for the particular car make and model.

Turn Lights Flash Too Fast or Slow

When the turn signal lights flash, it is hard to notice. In case this happened after replacing the flasher or one of the light bulbs, it may be that the wrong type of bulb have been installed or one of the light bulbs must have got burnt. A burned-out bulb causes the indicator light to flash faster. If they are flashing faster than normal rate, it may cause the alternator to overcharge the battery. If they are flashing slower than normal rate, the battery may be undercharged.

Turn Signals Don’t Flash

If the turn signals lights don’t flash, first check a burned-out bulb. If not, test the turn signal flasher and check the signal switch. At the first step, identifying wires are the best way to access signal switch electrical connector. Besides, ensure the system is disabled to avoid airbags inflating.

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