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Why Does My Volvo Engine Starts the Stops?



When attempting to start the car while going out, the expectation is to start without any problem. But there may come a time when the engine start and stop almost immediately afterward. This would not go well. There are varying reasons why the vehicle will start and stop immediately. But without proper understanding, symptoms and diagnoses, you will not be able to tell in exact what the issue may be. So, the first place to begin with in cases like this would be the symptoms. Check below for varying signs and symptoms to decide what the cause could be. Read on to learn why your Volvo engine starts then suddenly stops.

Fuel Pump Leak

Fuel leaks always seem harmless at first. Like you will find out later, any leak, however minor always affects the internal combustion process. This happens because the engine needs fuel and some air to mix together for ignition. Fuel leaks compromise this process. Eventually, air does not reach the combustion chamber. The engine therefore keeps on starting and stopping as fuel tries to reach the combustion chamber.

Bad Carburettor

The carburettor is one of the most important system or component of internal combustion process. It ensures properly adjustment of fuel and the ratio of air so that the combustion can be successful in the engine. If the carburettor is bad, it will definitely affect the ratio of air and fuel. This might also cause the engine to start and fail immediately.

Ignition Problem

The ignition system is designed to generate the spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture. This reaction happens inside the combustion chamber. If therefore for any reason, your Volvo experiences any difficulty with any Ignition component like spark plugs, the engine will start and stop intermittently. This will go on until you fix the problem.

Fuel Injection Sensor Issue                                            

The fuel injector needs a certain ratio of air so that it can inject the right amount of fuel into the internal combustion chamber. The engine control unit interacts with the fuel injector through the sensor. The sensor is responsible to keep track of the ratio of air in the fuel injector and then sends information to the engine control unit. From there, this system modifies the pressure. So, if there is any issue with the fuel injector sensor, the right amount of fuel for a proper combustion will not be received by the engine. This could result to a start and stop issue immediately.

Engine Control Unit Issue

The engine control unit is a system that is susceptible to glitches and errors like other electronic component. It is bad for the engine control unit to have this problem because it controls and manages all the electronic components and sensors. One problem is the inability to manage and control the fuel injection system correctly. This might also cause the engine to start and almost stop immediately after it starts. So, basically this is more of an electrical Issue as the engine control deals with the electronic components to enable all other combustion units to operate smoothly.

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