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Why Do My Volvo Fog Lights Refuse To Turn Off?



Basically, the fog light’s switch can be referred to as the electrical switch component that is liable for the complete functioning and operation of the fog lights on the Volvo. The additional or extra lights found beneath or under your headlights are known as the fog lights. They come in a single pair of two light bulbs. These pair of lights provides an extra visibility to the vehicle during unfavorable weather conditions as a heavy downpour or a dense fog.

Their positions beneath the down level of the main light gives them a great advantage for their purpose as it provides a wide angled view which in turn helps the driver to keep tab on the right lanes and edges of the road. A damaged fog light could be as a result of a bad fog light switch. Failing or bad switch of the fog light will most times show a few symptoms to alert the car owner of the impending issue or breakdown.

Fog Lights Not turning On

When fog lights refuse to turn on, it’s very likely that the fog light switch are bad. This is but only one of the signs and symptoms. T he fog light switch is the component that is directly responsible for either turning the fog lights on or off. Just like any other electrical switches, this component can become damaged or wear out and make it un-operational. A damaged or failing fog light switch will definitely lead the fog light to a non operational stage after a couple of warnings even while the bulbs are not bad.

Fog lights are Cozy, Dim or Flickering

Some other symptom that is common with a bad or damaged fog light switch is a dim lited or flickering fog light. In a case where the switch is worning out or having some technical issues that might be leading to a complete breakdown. This might prevent the switch from providing sufficient power to the fog light to be lited properly, which will in turn make them flicker or produce  dim light. In some cases, you might want to check the bulbs too to be very certain that the fault is not from the bulb. At this point, a proper diagnosis is highly recommended from the lowest possible causes to the highest.

Blown Fog Light Fuse

The third symptom or a possible cause of the fog light switch could be a blown fog light fuse due to  excessive power sent down from the electrical circuits, to prevent the fog lights and other components, the fuse will take the hit.  Once it is blown, the fog light will be rendered un-functional. This could even breakdown due to a short power surge. To solve this, the fuse needs to be replaced with a new replacement, but this is like treating the symptoms instead of the cause, as there was a major issue that made the fuse blown and this can occur again.

Though fog lights are not always used like the main light of the vehicle during your regular drive. They come in handy in harsh weather conditions. At night, they help in increasing the visibility of your vehicle. If by any means you have doubts that your fog light switch are failing or damaged, get it across to a professional mechanic to diagnose and determine the situation if possibly you will need a fog light switch replacement.

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