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What is Wrong With My Volvo Spark Plug?



It is not always the case that a Volvo vehicle would refuse to start just because the battery is bad or down, most times it could just be from the plug. A bad or an old spark plug could be the one culprit that is hindering the vehicle from coming on, being that as little as this component could be, it plays a very vital role in kick starting the vehicle into action. Is the Volvo spark plug not igniting? Well, to know if it is or not, some things have to be observed and decided. Below are a couple of signs and symptoms to look out for when in doubt of the state of the vehicle’s spark plug

The Vehicle Refuses To Start

If the vehicle finds it difficult to come on when trying to kick start it and bring it to life, the first suspected culprit is the spark plug because it holds the vital executive role of providing the necessary spark that would power the engine and bring the vehicle to life. An old worn out spark plug would definitely find it difficult to produce efficient spark energy that is required to put the vehicle online. So at this point some check and diagnosis have to be carried out on the spark plug and its related connectors and wirings. At times this plug could just require some cleaning and brush-up to get back to normality while in most cases, they would require a new replacement entirely. Fortunately Volvo Plugs are relatively cheap

When The Check Engine Light Bleeps On

If the spark plug on the vehicle is damaged or has worn out, it could cause the check engine light to come on. It is very common in Volvo vehicles that once the plug is bad, the check engine light starts flashing or bleeps in between. What actually happens there is that once the plug is in a bad condition, wouldn’t work as it should, this then causes the engine to misfire, thereby forcing the check engine light to pop on. Once the check engine light starts flashing intermittently, it means that there is misfire going on in the vehicle’s engine which should be checked on immediately.

Gas Tank Requires Refills Too Often

In a nutshell, it means that a worn out spark plug has an adverse effect on the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Once the vehicle starts sucking fuel unnecessarily and out of proportion based on your prior knowledge of how many liters that always go for a day or two, then it’s important that the Volvo’s spark plug is being checked upon. This would occur is the plug is totally bad and is at its last lifeline or stage. Worn out spark plug has a higher tendency of increasing your fuel consumption being that they have failed to burn the fuel that goes to the engine compartment effectively. A spark plug that misfires would reduce the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by as high as 30%. This is also a fact that has been recorded by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

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