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What Happens To My Volvo When It Runs Out of Gas?



First and foremost, it is important to note that running out of gas can damage a vehicle. Immediately the “E”on the Fuel gauge starts blinking, it indicates that the Vehicle is running out of gas and has just a couple of miles to go before it stops functioning. It could be frustrating when the gas runs out at a distance far away from a refilling plant though there is something more annoying than that which is what would be analyzed in the following paragraphs of this guide.

Damaging the Fuel Pump

Just as the name implies, the fuel pump stays in the fuel tank to pump gas to the Vehicle’s engine. The fuel pump depends on the gas to function properly and stay lubricated. Going out of gas and leaving the pump with no gas could get it to overheat. This might not happen once and then boom the pump is bad, no, this takes on a gradual break down process at every Interval that the gas tank is emptied so badly, it takes a toil, then one day it gets damaged totally. To keep your fuel pump intact for as long as it was designed to last, it is highly recommended not to allow your gas tank get emptied or go down below ¼ liter full.

Clogging Fuel Injector

There are airborne impurities and debris, even the ones that comes with a dirty tank that you take a refill from. If all these settles at the bottom of the gas tank, it create a sediment and the fuel gets way too low. These sediments gets pushed through the fuel lines thereby clogging the fuel Injectors and the tiny nozzle that hushes gas into the engine. A problem that would have been avoided would be created. A bad fuel injector or fuel pump might not show a wearing sign right away but if the vehicle stops working or does not run after a gas outage, either one of these two components should be held responsible and checked properly. Priming the vehicle’s fuel pump by putting on the engine with the key and putting it off back again a couple of times without cranking on the engine will help the fuel pump push out air from the fuels lines that entered as a result of low gas on he tank

The vehicle gets Stalled

Another thing that happens when a Volvo vehicle runs out of gas is that the vehicle will get stalled and shutdown immediately as though the keys were removed abruptly from the ignition while the vehicle was on motion. It is so obvious that such abrupt shutting down of the vehicle due to lack of gas poses a big threat to the health and future of the vehicle including the driver. Apart from the distraction this can cause since there is no exit plan to be off road when this occurred, it can also cause a mental panic.

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