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Tackling bullying



Tackling bullying

Tackling bullying is a joint responsibility of every one of us. That is why we have taken our time to enlighten the masses via this article on what bully really is and how to confront it.

Bullying is considered one of the key factors responsible for suicide among teenagers.

It is not just a matter of children or adolescents, even though they are particularly vulnerable. Bullying is a longstanding practice that many people have been victims of. The difference is that at the moment it has not only spread, but it has also acquired a certain degree of social approval among certain groups and has reached levels of real concern. And social networks have become a scenario that reflects crudely this social reality, especially among the younger.

It occurs in schools and is suffered by boys, but also teachers. It occurs at worksites between peers, or between employees and bosses. Sometimes it also happens in clubs, among groups of friends, even in the street.

So what do you do when one of these “thugs” comes up with his string of abuses without ceasing?

What is the “bully” about?

The “thug” is basically a cowardly person. Almost never acts alone, but is protected in the power of a group in which probably only one or two people have leadership while others act as aula. They look for a characteristic in their victims: they do not know how to defend themselves and they are vulnerable to their actions.

The bully derives his satisfaction from generating anguish and feelings of helplessness in people because in this way he exorcises the fear of being himself an object of abuse. The unconscious mechanism operates like this: it abuses because it fears being abused or it wants to end with abuse of which it has been the victim.

Generally, he has a past loaded with abuse and lives a reality stripped of affection and understanding in his environment. Remember that abuse includes both physical and emotional aggression against someone, as well as measures of overprotection that nullify a subject. The bully may be the classic “mama’s boy” who will indulge in any whim only by getting rid of him. In the background is someone with a great need for help.

Do not confuse a “grumpy” with a “bully.” The former maybe someone who is moody or aggressive in their reactions, but acts only and only in function of reacting to some stimulus; Does not undertake persecutory actions. The bully instead harasses for no apparent reason.

Face the bullies. There is no other way

In this there are no nuances: the thugs have to face them. There is no other way. To face them means to denounce them, reprove them, and defend them. And that is the paradox because precisely they choose as victims of bullying a people who show fewer skills to put them in their place.

You have to keep in mind that the “thug” only acts if he sees that the circumstances are apt for it. So the first thing that must exist is a set of preventive measures. It is everyone’s responsibility to promote values of tolerance, respect, and solidarity wherever we are. Never participate in the mockery or victimization of others so you think “not serious”, but a joke without importance. If you do, you nurture the bullshit culture that yourself or someone you love can later become victims.

If you feel persecuted or harassed by one of these groups, do not be afraid to report. You know they’ll tell you “whiner” or “delator”, but that accusation is a simple tactic to maintain the abuse. You must find the value within yourself to expose your complaint in a coherent manner and with as much forcefulness as possible. If you do not feel capable of that, ask for help. But never, NEVER, be silent.

The moment you or someone else is being victimized by some form of bullying, try to take as much information as possible. Date, time, place, and everything that may serve you eventually as proof.

If you are a parent, pay attention to self-absorption or sadness in your children. If you see that you do not have many friends and somehow fear the contact with your peers, you may be a victim of bullshit. Help him to face the problem with affection and firmness, without hesitation.

Are you suffering from bullying? Don’t keep quiet. Speak out so that you can be helped before it gets out of hands. Tackling bullying is our joint responsibility.

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