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How to overcome the complexes



How to overcome the complexes

The complexes are due to distorted perceptions of oneself that arise when bought with other people or models imposed by society and that end up producing irrational thoughts that lead to insecurity, lack of confidence in one’s abilities and loss of self-esteem, affecting and conditioning the relationship others, professional activity and, ultimately, life.

Family and school can be the main inducers of the complexes that appear during childhood, as children do not feel loved enough, valued, and supported. Sometimes it is a physical characteristic that makes their classmates and friends different that encourages the birth of a complex. The problem is that if a remedy is not put, the complex emerged in childhood can be accentuated after puberty. But it is also society itself that can generate complexes in already adult people who feel they do not belong, for example, to the beautiful models that are imposed from the media.

In any case, many people have not known how to overcome childhood complexes because they were not able to analyze the origin of their anxiety and anguish in the face of a specific event. Most of the complexes are physical, but others have a fundamental psychological condition, such as the inferiority complex or its opposite, that of superiority

How to overcome the complexes

In most cases, the complexes can be overcome without help or therapy. It may be enough to recognize them, accept them, and wish to overcome them and then follow a series of guidelines:

  • It is essential to learn to value yourself for what one is and not for what others say.
  • Do not try to seek the approval of others to what you do. You have to act according to your own beliefs and criteria without taking into account what others would like.
  • Learn to love and accept oneself with defects and virtues. They are all like that.
  • You have to recognize your limitations naturally.
  • Find everything positive in us and reinforce it. This is what we have to teach others, instead of exhibiting and talking about our defects.
  • Self-esteem is reinforced with positive thoughts and attitudes. Everything always has a positive side. We must avoid negativizing things based on our defects.
  • We must not base our attitude towards others and social activity on the external appearance, trying to use it to please others. Close treatment eliminates costumes.

Accepting the complexes and learning to live with them is the best way to overcome them.

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