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How Long Do Volvo Trailing Arm Bushings Last?



What the trailing arm bushings basically do is to connect the axle and pivot point on the body of the vehicle. These all form the trailing arm suspension in the vehicle as the front trailing arm section consists of bushings. A big bolt then runs through these bushings to hold the trailing arm directly to the chassis of the vehicle. The essence of this trailing arm bushings is to soften the movement of the suspension while at the same time hold the wheel firmly onto the correct axis.

The bushing constantly absorbs any form of shock, vibration, and noise from the road whiles the vehicle in on motion, which ends up giving the vehicle a smooth ride. Due to the harsh environment that the trailing bushings operate, they get bad over time, though they require less or no maintenance to function properly. Some bushings are made of rubber. If this is the case, the presence of heat on a high capacity would cause them to crack and harden over time. Once this happens, the symptoms will present itself which indicates that the trailing bushings needs to be replaced. If the bushing is made of rubber, the pivot bolts must be tightened with the exact weight of the vehicle on the wheels as this could lead to the damage of the bushing. Apart from a rubber bushing, polyurethane bushings can be of use.

Excessive Twisting

This is another great culprit to the reduced lifespan of your bushing, Excessive twisting occurs when the bushing permits excessive roll on the vehicle which will cause the bushing to twist and tear. Once this happens, the vehicle steering will become less responsive, taking control of the vehicle over. Even in good conditions, a rubber bushing can cause excessive body roll in a vehicle thereby reducing the lifespan of the arm bushing, as rubber bushings don’t go well when it is exposed to heat or petrol. Heat will make it become hardened and ultimately crack while petroleum exposure will make it melt and ultimately dissolve into jelly.

Transmission Coolant

The transmission coolant is another big issue with the trailing arm bushings, because if this leaks onto the bushing, it will definitely cause the bushing to get damaged and ultimately fail. A clinking noise on the vehicle when the brake is accelerated is a typical symptom of a bad or failing bushings. Another symptoms that can easily indicate a failing bushings is an excessive wear on the tires. Loosed steering most especially at bending corners is another practical example and proof of damaged bushings that needs to be replaced.

Leak Or Petroleum Exposure

It is a well established fact already that the bushings exposure to Petrol can lead it to damage which will in turn affect the sheering’s stability. The bushings are very vital components of the vehicle suspension, hence should be checked against those signs and symptoms listed above. In a case where any of these symptoms are detected, an eminent checkup, diagnosis and repair should be given to the vehicle for safety of the vehicle, its components and the road.

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