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Does My Volvo Need Wheel Alignment With New Tires



Does My Volvo Need Wheel Alignment With New Tires?

You already know that wheel alignment is not necessary once you have new tires installed. This is not a rule though. It is more or less a misconception. Remember alignment goes an extra mile to ensure all the four tires are perfectly angled with each other. It therefore does not hurt to ensure this is the case each time you replace your Volvo tires.

How Often Would The Vehicle Need Alignment?

The minimum duration for a new alignment is once in a year. Again, this is not a rule of thumb but just a recommendation. This is to help keep the car in good shape. Some car manual comes with this and other specification. You can also rely on your vehicle’s manual to decide how often the vehicle’s alignment should be taken care of.

Another way to determine this beyond the car manual is the condition and environment on which you use this vehicle. If the vehicle is driven on pothole riddled roads or any other bad road condition, you may consider taking care of your alignment more often than the norms. When your car is due for alignment, the vehicle may sway from side-to-side. The vehicle also makes a flopping sound when in motion. Another thing is that your Volvo car jars when it gets into minor pothole.

Why Should One Care About Wheel Alignment?

Periodic wheel alignment check and balancing could save you tons of dollars and trouble. It is already a known fact that poorly aligned tires can wear and tear after a while. This will cost you extra more Money. Apart from that, a misaligned tire can actually decrease gas mileage up to 10%. In a nutshell, proper wheel alignment would help you save fuel and get to refill less often as usual.

Note that whenever the four tires are changed. An alignment for the four wheels would be required in cars, vans and SUVs. But cars with a solid rear axle would only require their front wheels aligned. A good recommendation is a four-wheel alignment if possible. Be it an SUV or a rear axle vehicle. The next time the vehicle is due for tire replacement, be ready to do a full alignment too on all four tires. This is the only way to get value for your money, time and the tires.

Point To Note

You’ve probably heard or read before that worn suspension or steering can cause an off center steering wheel. This is by all means true. What’s not true is the simple solution many people go for – getting alignment. This won’t fix the issue. Your mechanic should be able to either replace the worn suspension parts or the steering.

Vibration while driving is yet another common point of confusion. Many people think of it as a symptom of bad alignment. This is in fact, a symptom of out of balance tires. Keep in mind that this is a serious safety issue. Do not ignore it. Then be sure to always have your Volvo alignment done by an expert. At least once a year as already hinted.

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