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Does My Volvo Need High Mileage Oil?



There are no definitive parameters or guidelines on what should or should not be considered high mileage. There seems to be somewhat a general consensus though that anything beyond 100,000 miles should be considered high mileage. It gets even better with technology mainly because standard road vehicles today can easily hit the 300,000 mile without a problem. By the time this happens, you’ll without a doubt need proper lubrication. That is exactly where high mileage oil comes into the picture. So the short answer is yes, your Volvo needs high mileage oil.

What Is High Mileage Oil?

As the name implies, high mileage oils are used to increase the performance of Volvo vehicles with quite a high number of mileages. A vehicle with a mileage of 80,000+ is deemed to be a high mileage vehicle. Thus requires this type of motor oil. This is formulated to help in tackling the problems encountered by old vehicles with high mileages thereby boosting their performances.

One of the few things the high mileage oil will do to an old vehicle is reducing the level of smoke. It also helps with oil consumption, oil seepage, leaks and emission from the engine. High mileage oils can be used on new cars with low mileages. But their effects and significance won’t be seen as opposed to when used on vehicles with high mileages.

How Does High Mileage Oil Function?

High mileage oils can be likened to a highly nutritious multivitamins that are made for adults and not to be used for kids. This helps in keeping their old aged body in shape. Restoring dead cells and trying to stabilize things. It tries to return the body to work as though it was a baby’s body. This is how the high mileage oil works. They contain seal conditioners and this seal conditioner rejuvenates the engine.  This helps to reduce the amount of oil seeps from the engine.

This oil also helps the engine to consume fuel in a lesser scale. Apart from the seal conditioners, the high mileage oil also contains different detergents. They have additives and antioxidants that help in decreasing wears and frictions that the old vehicle could be prone to. In a nutshell, the high mileage oil contains and delivers to the vehicle’s engine supplements for good health. These are all that would be advantageous to vehicles that have gone past their prime. As it will help them increase in performance and stability.

What Vehicle Can Use High Mileage Oil?

Like it was earlier noted just as the name denotes, this oil is made for older vehicles. It is made for vehicles with mileages above 80,000 miles. This can be checked via the odometer of the vehicle. Older vehicles with lesser mileages than 80,000 can also benefit from this oil.

Some engines tend to have defects way beyond their mileages. Even though the effect won’t be that obvious as it would on an older engine. If there is oil spillage on the engine of the vehicle after parked overnight, this is a good reason for using the Oil. This Oil drip indicates that the Engine parts are loosening or wearing out.

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