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Being spiritual decreases your anxiety



Being spiritual decreases your anxiety

Anxiety is a consequence of a general imbalance in your being and organism, and it is for the same reason that your path to healing must be integral: mind, body, emotions and also, spirit.

Spirituality is that part of you that is capable of conceiving more abstract and elevated things, which perhaps do not correspond so much to emotions, sensations or thoughts, but higher consciousness. All of us, as human beings have a conscience, conscience is the ability to see above and above our humanity and understand with an understanding that sometimes it doesn’t even need words.

It is essential that you reconnect with your spirituality so that you remember what the meaning of your existence is. On this occasion, I want to talk to you about some mental illusions that are not true at the spiritual level and that by remembering the truth behind those illusions, you can feel better.

The illusion of being separated

As human beings, we have the illusion that we are an individual separated from others, disconnected and isolated. This is false, and we have all connected at a level that perhaps insight is not tangible, but for your feeling and intuition.

When you activate your spirituality, you realize that you are not alone or separated from the whole world, that you are part of it, and that it is enough to feel it to activate it.

The illusion of emptiness

We also have the illusion of being hollow and empty, reaching extreme conclusions such as feeling a vile product of chance and causality, which, without much meaning, brought us into this existence. And if you perceive your reality as empty or hollow, how could you not feel anxiety?

When you reconnect with your spirituality, you will realize that you are already everything you need to be, that within you is the information you need, that you are not a mere product of chance but a miracle of a first intention.

The illusion of meaningless

In the same way, believing that your existence or life, in general, does not make sense can generate anguish and hopelessness, and therefore anxiety. It is to believe that things happen at random and that your existence may well have been omitted by the human race.

And this is not true when you reconnect with your spirituality you realize that you have not one, but many missions, purposes, and senses in this life, of course, as long as you permit yourself to carry them out, saying goodbye to the idea of what you have to do”.

Thus Albert Einstein said that you can choose to see life as if there were no miracles, or as if everything were a miracle, which one do you accept?

The illusion of misfortune

This illusion puts you in an attitude of a victim of circumstances, where you see your past and what happens to you as misfortunes and injustices, and of course, how could you activate your spirituality? So how could you feel safe?

Misfortune does not exist by itself, and it exists for your mind when you distort reality by magnifying events and refusing to accept that something and something happened. And by activating your spirituality, you realize why things happen in your life, from daily activities to more profound or more striking events.

The illusion of forever

This makes us believe that that unpleasant thing that you live at times, you will live forever, or that you can never get ahead, that everyone sees you ugly, that nobody will love you, that forever you will be alone, sad and sick.

This is an illusion because life and your body will never be exactly like what it was a microsecond ago; you are in constant change and movement, as the theology says, “everything appears to disappear.”

So, reconnect with your spirituality, and realize the constant flow of movement, throw yourself into that river and let yourself go, but yes, directing the course you take.

How to reconnect with your spirituality?

  • Activate a constant attitude of gratitude, where beyond appreciating anything more beautiful and pleasant, you appreciate what your perception is unpleasant and counterproductive for you.
  • Just close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, feel the people around you and realize that you are connected since everything that happens around you affects you and vice versa.
  • Lie down on the grass or your roof at night, and watch the stars, realize at all, get out of your perception of yourself as insignificant, maybe you are small, but never irrelevant.
  • Remember that everyone has their place on this earth, no one else can occupy yours, and you will not be able to occupy that of anyone else, so why compete? Better dedicate yourself to take what corresponds to you by nature.
  • Reconnect with the power of the whole, and realize that you are part of that whole, of that God, universal energy or divine love, you are not separated or isolated, you are part of it, you are made of the same matter.
  • Feel your heartbeat, and realize the miracle that is the simple act of breathing, be aware of each of the processes that your body performs without your telling it. In the same way, the Universe works, because what is above is below and what is inside is outside.
  • Sit down to meditate, pray or pray, but don’t pray or meditate asking for what you lack, sit down to connect with that energy, and that emotion of being in communication with something beyond your conception. Sit down to stop talking, and for a moment, listen and thank what is in your life.
  • Trust that you are protected by something far beyond yourself, trust that if you leave, you will be guided back to your private home and discover the answers you need, trust yourself and trust that everything you belong to.

Finally, contemplate your life as if nothing that has happened or is happening today is a miracle, and at another time, consider it as if everything were a miracle.

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