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Are My Volvo Shocks Worn Out?



You want a smooth ride? Fix your shock absorbers. It sounds simple only that it isn’t. How if the first place do you know if your Volvo’s shock absorbers are worn out or it’s just the strut mounts or even poor wheel alignment that makes each ride feel bumpy. It is hard to know sometimes, especially if you are a first time Volvo owner. There’s good news though. Once you have the problem figured out, you’ll always have an easy time replacing worn out shocks each time you notice the tale tell signs of shocks that are on their last kicks. Such signs include:

Dipping And Diving As You Brake

Always remember that shocks lose their ability to effectively control weight transfer as soon as they start wearing. That is why your car will pitch more as you accelerate, turn or brake. More specifically, the front end of your vehicle will dive or dip as you brake. This is a clear sign that the front shocks are completely worn out. Of course this is a safety concern, so have the shocks replaced as soon as you can.

Signs Of Uneven Wear On The Tires

Ever noticed signs of uneven wears on the tires of the vehicle, then know that it is a big red flag of a worn shock, this happened due to the fact that the shocks which keeps the tire firm on the road has gone bad. Hence the patchy wears observed on the tires. From this wear, the tires could wear deep down to becoming flat after losing some amount of air. In a nutshell, tires basically are supposed to maintain uniform alignments with the road

Symptoms Of Rattling, Rocking And Rolling

Ever observed the vehicle bumping and rattling as if there was some ground shaking bulldozers or earthquake? That can only be felt in the Vehicle but not when out. This could be as a result of a bad shock absorber. This could happen when the vehicle moves over some minor rocky lines, patterns, potholes, road bumps or rail tracks. The shock absorber is to deal with the vibration and Impact the vehicle gets from the suspensions and springs. Situations like this could be due to the fact that the shocks might be damaged or worn out. The vehicle itself will begin to feel these impacts directly which is somewhat very uncomfortable.

Excess Vibrations In The Steering Wheel

It is very normal for some amount of vibration to be felt while driving through some rocky and smooth-less road. Feeling this same impact on a smooth and clear road indicates a bad shock absorber that requires quick attention. Running at a higher Speed than usual with these would increase the intensity. This can make it difficult for driver to have full control of the steering.

Delayed Stopping Brake Distance

Once it takes the vehicle a considerable amount of time to stop after the brake is applied, it becomes clear the difference between an impending accident and a safe stop. At this point, it becomes very clear that the shock absorbers are bad and needs to be changed

A good manual way of checking the status of the shock absorber would be to park the vehicle. Press down on the front side of the vehicle and then leave it at once. If the car bounces more than a few couple of times in order to settle down, then consider checking out the shocks for a possible diagnoses and inspection.

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