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7 Reasons for an increased rate of suicide among teenagers



7 Reasons for an increased rate of suicide among teenagers

World Health organization statistics revealed that one of the major victim groups of suicidal is teenagers between the age of 14- 24.

1. Bullying

Bullying according to the mobile dictionary means An act of intimidating a weaker person to do something, especially such repeated coercion.
Persistent acts intended to make life unpleasant for another person.

There is a very close relationship between bullying and suicide.

Many teenagers are constantly a victim of bullying from their colleagues who in any way considered them inferior and thus take advantage of them.

Those majorly involved in this are the cultists. I could remember then, a colleague of ours in school who was a victim of bullying. Each time he moved around the campus, there are always some guys pursuing him. At times, they will just stop him over and beat him mercilessly. At times they will send ladies his way so as to attack him on the basis of wooing their girlfriend. Also, at another time, they might collect his phone and demand he comes with money inside the bush to come and collect it back.

In most cases, many teenagers considered suicidal as a remedy. They just felt they can’t cope again. They lose their self- esteem and began to blame God for creating them weak and others strong. And In the long run, they may end up committing suicide except they receive early attention.

2. Cyber-bullying

 Another form of bullying is Cyber-bullying. In this case unlike the physical one, the victims are subjected to serious intimidation through social media, threatening them to do something against their will and power.

This bully takes advantage of a certain weakness in their victim’s life. Such as a past record of sexual engagement which the victim never knew or ignorantly allowed to be recorded.
And as a means of securing their freedom or covering their shame, many teenagers who fall victim end up suicidal.

3. Unemployment

When you’re unemployed, you are always broke. Constantly suffering from depression for your inability to execute your attractive plans and visions buried in your heart. It makes you dependable upon the people around you to at least meet the basic needs. But when in some cases the people depended upon begin to take advantage of that person incapability to fend for himself, such may become tired of living and want to kill himself.

4. Failure at school

Many parents placed too higher demands on their children’s academy. Especially in a country like China where in some areas, the parents simply wait for their children to finish studies and become responsible to them, and for that reason, they place on the child expectations he might never be able to meet.
I’ve once heard a parent told his son, it’s either you have first-class or nothing else. Now think of it, what if this child doesn’t have the capacity to come up with first-class, or due to some reasons best known to him, fall below that and his father has already said it’s either that or nothing else. Don’t you think such a child may become guilty of disappointing his parents or even consider what his father may do to him for not making them proud and as such kill himself?

I think the best a parent can do is to just encourage their children to be the best they can be and provide the environment to be it, rather than threatening them to be. Many of the parents who fall into this category never have time to encourage their children nor do they make available for them the needed facilities to be the best, they are only after their ego to lay claim on been the parents of the best graduating children.

Failure is not the end of life. Therefore, parents should learn to brace up their children even when they fail and encourage them that with little more effort, they can rise to the best rather than talking them down, comparing them with another person and perhaps cursing them, which may injure their feelings and cause them to take any action against their lives.

5. Emotional stress

Emotions are a very vital part of the human makes up which can be triggered by several things. Many teenagers commit suicide when they feel incapable of suppressing their emotional stress.
Emotional stress could emanate from workload, a relationship breaks up, death of loved ones, change of job or environment, crossing from teenage age into adulthood ….. In any of these instances, a teenager may become emotionally unstable and can harm himself or commit suicide if proper attention and care are not given.

6. Parental abuse

We have heard of countless cases of parents abusing their own children. A case was brought up recently in a secondary school where the class teacher observed that a lady in her class has been behaving dull and not active in the class and take her to the school counselor to whom the lady confessed that her dad has been sexually abusing her. And what makes this matter more complicated is that most often these wicked parents will threaten the children never to tell anyone or else she will die. And when some of these teenagers could no longer help it, nor find help to be free from their abusive fathers,  they may consider suicide a better option.

7. Low self- esteem

Some teenagers consider themselves good for nothing, unwanted, undervalued, and second class citizen whose voice can never go beyond the ceiling thus loose site of living in the world that has made them such a forsaken being and wants a consolation in the world of the dead.

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